we looked into the question of whether or not a believer should involve themselves in a protest against government policies or actions.

source: reuters: #EndSARS protest in Nigeria, October 2020

As believers, we must understand we are not of the world, but we live in the world. This means our activities as believers on earth is affected by the policies of the government of our nation. We can well say we have dual citizenship — ‘not’ of the world (which…

Why I Started a Personal Development and Branding Start-up as an Undergrad

In 2014, just some weeks after writing my final exam in secondary school, I had written entrance exam for Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), and I was awaiting the admission list. …

#AfricavsVirus: How I Started Thinking Again

A summary of how #AfricavsVirus stimulated me to start thinking again in a Coronavirus infested world.

I wasn't having enough challenges for my daily life, creating one has become difficult due to the lockdown. Not like, I don't want to think, but I have…

Dara Sobaloju

Dara is a product designer with keen interest in startup growth and designing products that solves users problem in the simplest possible form.

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